We, AVID Futurecare have Introduced Dollar denominated financial products in India, because we’ve seen and got lot of requirements from the clients for various reasons (reasons listed below):

  • Children’s education abroad
  • Hedge Rupee Investment
  • Global Diversification
  • Explore various kinds of Unique Structured products in the International Market
  • Built Dollar corpus for
    a.       Buying a second home abroad
    b.      Destination Wedding
    c.       Retirement
    d.      International holiday

So we thought of facilitating the Clients with these kind of products which will enable them to complete their goal based Investment planning.
Second, we positively believe in:-

  • a mutually rewarding scope.
  • how together we aim to enable ourselves to think ahead of the curve to create profitability thereby creating an upward monetary impact.
  • Consistently introducing potential Investment opportunities from which you can benefit.

Our present Product is :-

Furthermore attached are :-

ITA Investment Plans:-

  •   ‘S&P 500 Index Fund’ – for any client to plan for his kids education abroad in future & for small regular saving.
  •   ‘Evolution’ - the 2nd variation of SIP – an open architecture SIP in mutual funds with 3 to 300 funds to choose from 16 different AMC’s across the globe.
  • ‘Access Portfolio’ – an open architecture platform (lumpsum product) with unlimited holdings of stocks / securities, bonds, structured notes, ETF’s, etc. into the portfolio under SPT (Segregated Portfolio in Trust)
    a.     The above will enable you to generate potential consistent Investment returns.
    b.   PS: Currently we provide full research based model portfolio on the Investors Trust products through ‘GAM Diversified Funds’ with over 5 portfolios with extremely good reach record.

    a.       https://www.investors-trust.com/eng/usd-strat.html
    b.       https://www.gam.com/en/global/



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